Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Changes happening at the library

Many of you may have noticed that there have been a few changes at the library in the past few weeks. I wanted to let you know what is going on in the library system.

First, there are new changes to the Internet policy. You must have a library card to get on the internet. Your parent can sign you up for a card if you are present. They do not need the birth certificate if you are present. This pertains to ALL teens, anyone under 18. If you are 14 and up, you cannot register for a library card by yourself, a parent must sign you up. You still will be able to use the adult computers.

Second, we are going to a new catalog system. We have joined with libraries throughout the state to start SCLENDS. All the information is being tranferred now, so there are a few changes in checking out items. No DVDs will be checked out until December 4. You can only check out 5 items until December 4. We will go live with the new system then and you will be able to check out things like normal.

There is an exciting feature with the new system. Since we are partnering with other counties throughout the state, there is a greater chance of receiving a book. If our library doesn't have the book, we can get it from any of the other counties in the SCLENDS group. This will hopefully help with popular items.

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